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staying alive.

the river is gonna run, y’all.  the dam’s gonna break and wash half of downtown chattanooga away.  this has been a recurring dream for me for a very long time.  i do not know when it’s going to happen.  time goes all wonky for me, you know.

do not be afraid.  this is not a bad thing.  this is Mother Earth healing herself.  she must be free from man’s constraints, that sick desire to control everything for personal gain…

****my comments****

you do not have to believe me, Jeff.  i sometimes see the future.  i know exactly what this means.

i don’t like it when that happens.  when i see things that haven’t happened yet.  it really sucks.  but i’m not staying quiet this time.


when i do that, see things like that, they are possibilities.  we have free will, even if so many of us opt not to use it.  one decision by one person can change all of history.  in the future i’ve seen, we have it easy here in Tennessee compared to many other places….

and of all the different possible futures i’ve seen, the one we are in now is the good one, the one i wanted to experience.  beats hell out of a militaristic police state (not even a possibliity anymore, but i don’t know why not) or armageddon (which is still possible, perhaps this future will be perceived by many to be just that).


i almost didn’t answer this question.  what most helps your personal growth?  indeed. every day i learn something new.  that is the only reason worth living.  for the chance to learn something new.  yeah, so, usuallly those lessons are learned the hard way, by making mistakes.  that’s just part of it.  so long’s i live to see tomorrow’s lessons unfurl.  that’s what it’s all about.

you want to experience perfection?  you want to be always right?  go ahead and die, then, because you’re missing the whole point of living.  the whole point of living is to live!!  not to strive for “personal growth” or to “evolve” or to reach some imaginary “enlightenment” ….  those things only reflect a divided way of thinking about humanity.  and the liars are right sometimes, we really are one, it’s just what they say about that is all wrong, it’s built around control issues that stem from the lies they have been led to believe are true, because they are afraid to find the truth inside themselves.

so go ahead, you and your herd mentality, pretending you aren’t sheep.  baaaaaa
i found truth, and it’s not always pretty.  but one thing about it is the lies never really hurts what is true, they only hurt those who believe them to be true.


i am so fed up with your political “debates” which are anything but a debate.  and your fucking phone calls telling me who i should vote for…  and your obama parties, raising money for some rich dude born, bred, and groomed to rule over your pathetic lives of servitude.  stupid stupid shits.  there won’t be an election, and you know it.  you’ve known it a long time, but you would rather pretend the lies are true.  but you know it.  you do.  i know you do.

whether the disasters are man-made or natural, it doesn’t matter.  there will be big disasters, postpone the election.  maybe just cancel the inauguration, whatever.  and after BushCo reduces the population according to Plan, then in steps new puppet with new lies and prettier words to save us all!!  and the stupid sheep will be too shell-shocked, too traumatized to question any of it, they will eat it up, gorge themselves on the lies that sedate the masses.  and they will call it a “revolution,” and nothing will change.  same as it ever was.

but it doesn’t have to happen that way.  all those people don’t have to die.  really.  but it sure looks to me like they’d rather.  you would rather be getting virtual blowjobs on the internet than talking about anything that really matters.  stupid.  i am so fed up with this shit….  who gives a damn?  who really cares?  all you care about is your newest get-rich-quick scheme, how to fuck over your neighbor and have a newer shinier car in your driveway, and buy your wife bigger boobs.  fuck you, all you shits.  i hate your capitalism and your consumerism, and especially i hate how you deny reality while you talk about “awakening” …and how you most adore those who abuse you the most.

yes, i’ll say it again.  this IS the good future.  and you can deny it all you want, but there’s some bad shit gonna go down, and real soon, too…  weave your pretty illusions made of lies.  go on.  think only good thoughts.  trust in someone else, your guru, your jesus, your favorite candidate.  are you really so gullible as to think they have your best interest in mind?  they’ll tell you themselves, it’s all about the good of the group, the “greater good” they like to call it.  individuals, like you and me, we don’t count for shit.  none of us do.  you’d rather think it’s just the fringe elements, the freaks, the misfits, who will be hurt.  but you’re wrong.  because they don’t care about you, either.  you are nothing more than a number in their machine, same as the money that rules your life.  in one instant, it can all go *poof*  ….  and what would be left of you, if the money were gone?  if you had no job, no title, no status, who would you be?


ranting and raving, indigo children, abraham, vent

Posted on Oct 19th, 2007 by anarchist friendstacy

(you hear that thunder?)

I gotta tell you all, it don’t matter what color your aura is.  Being “indigo” does not make a person any more special than any other person.  The only reason there are all those books available now, talking about how special indigo children are, is because the majority of the younger generation is being born purple.  Just like the majority of my generation is blue, and the majority of my parents’ generation is green.  They tell you your kids are somehow better than other kids, and it’s all about selling books.  I could just as easily write a book about children with yellow auras, like my oldest child, but it wouldn’t sell because there are so few yellow people around anymore (they were the generation before the greens).  So keep that in mind.  Purple, being the majority of the young people born nowadays, isn’t any better than orange or blue or yellow or any other color.  It’s much like astrology.  It can give you some insight into certain personality traits, but nothing is set in stone, it’s about tendencies.  What you, or your children, do with those tendencies is what counts.  And I certainly don’t want to run into any more people upset because their babies aren’t indigo!  For cryin out loud!!  I’m rather glad my kids aren’t like the majority of others out there, we like being different.  The world needs us oddballs to shake things up a bit from time to time.  Any color can become crystal.  Rainbow is something else altogether, and life is not always pleasant for those born with changey auras, just ask my mom.

And now, for the big one.  Abraham.  You know who Abraham was, don’t you?  You know that he’s the one who started the war over in the middle east that is still going on today?  You know that he was the one who divided the people, rather than bringing them together.  You know that he was the first one to cut off part of his dick, and then he made everyone else do it?  You know that circumcision constitutes major sexual abuse against boy children, and it separates them from their mothers.  It teaches baby that mom can’t protect him from the authorities.  It teaches him to be afraid.  Such abuse teaches people to abuse others.  He almost killed his own kid, would have, if an angel hadn’t intervened!  This is who you think we should follow?  really?  (there’s that other Abraham who also divided the people, fathers fighting against their own sons…)

LOA is no different from any other religious cult.  It contains just enough truth to speak to your heart, so you will accept all the control issue baggage piled up on top of it!!  Any religion that tells me to be afraid of my own thoughts is not something I want to hear about.  I don’t care how much you love that core nugget of truth, you gotta look at the whole package and how it is affecting people.  I find those who follow LOA to be just as afraid and just as controlled and manipulated as those who follow any other fundamentalist mindset.  Free yourself!  You can’t count on any new-age guru to free you, it’s up to you to do it yourself.

as always, I welcome any and all comments you might have.  feel free to disagree, it’s good brain exercise.

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Ariela the Quantum Leaper Resurrected1 said


Thanks for the no-circumcision link! I really need that to show to my partner, because he’s so mindset-stuck about me not having it done to my son…he just listens so much to “what people think” and “they say” and “everyone does it” BAH!

Holy crap…I knew it had to do with some idiot thing like believing it stops masturbation! Oh brother! Okay so now there’s a bunch of sexually repressed men! Maybe it Really stops a man from being violent if you leave it intact!

Why EVER would people mutilate themselves like that? Oh, that’s right THEY didn’t do it to themselves…their parents made the choice for these helpless, dependent infants…because of what was drilled into their heads in the past! Egaaaadz!

As far as the color-labeled children…do people really need color-coding to recognize the greatness and specialness of their children? Of each other? Yes, it IS a type of labeling and coding…but no one thing constitutes any one person 😉

anarchist friendstacy said


and while I’m on this rant…

is there ANYTHING more aggravating than someone who deletes your well-thought-out comments on their blog?!  Sheesh, if I didn’t want anyone disagreeing with me, I’d keep quiet, or make my blog private, only for those who agree.  what a waste of time

Ariela the Quantum Leaper Resurrected1 said



I thought we couldn’t delete anyone else’s comments…

anarchist friendstacy said


it happened here twice recently.  It has also happened to me at blogspot lately.  perhaps I come on a bit too strong…you think?

B.B. : Me B.B. said


My husband was circumcised at 4 yrs,in a ceremony they still talk about,makes me shudder and sad at the same time.I understand his religious beliefs(my husband is a practising Muslim),it is very important in their religion,as it is in the Jewish religion.I have two sons,one is and one isn’t,i fought alot with my husband over this but in the end I caved from exhaustion,I had no fight left in me.So off we went to get it done at a private clinic.We both stayed by Moe’s side and watched the whole thing.They froze the gland,gave him some sugar water,then proceeded to mutilate his penis.He sreamed so loud,his body trembling from the pain.I will never forget it,what I made him endure a such a young age.It was horrifc,and i hated myself and my husband for a few days after,meanwhile the house was full of our friends and family telling me how wonderful this time is and what a special moment in a child’s life etc…..all I could feel was how I’d let Moe down,and how it must never happen again
Stacey don’t worry about it,part of your charm is your in the face pov,ya can’t please everyone,who would want to anyways.You could also ask the person why they did it in a private letter,perhaps there is a reason for this and it’s not what you think,or maybe they cannot deal with how your comments make them feel,and in that case you know where to concentrate your energy;-)

anarchist friendstacy said


((((hugs)))) BB – circumcision isn’t just to abuse the child, but the mother as well.  put her in her place, standing by, watching what they do to her baby.  it’s not your fault, any more than it is any woman’s fault whose husband beats her black and blue (the desired results are about the same, though one is still socially acceptable and the other no longer is). 

I have BIG issues with religions, I’m not picking on any one of them.  All of them do the same thing, there’s enough truth in there to get people to blindly accept the abuse and control, make them afraid to think for themselves, to look within for the answers, because some dude has your answers, right here in this book, see… and all you gotta do is what he says.  but, when I attack such unquestioned beliefs, blind faith, I am NOT attacking those people who believe them, and this is where I tend to be misunderstood. 

All I want is for people to start asking themselves, “why do I believe this to be true?”  If you hold that belief because somebody, some book, whatever, told you to believe it, throw it out.  Perhaps after more searching, you may find those beliefs to be worth holding on to.  I know that questioning my beliefs did not make my faith weaker, it rather strengthened it, because I had asked myself “why” and found the answer within, “because it is true (for me, now)” and not because somebody, somewhere, sometime said I should believe it’s true, or worse, made me feel afraid not to believe it.

Manager - Bank of Cosmic Connection kcidybom said


Wow, you have license, indeed encouragement, from this quarter to rant any time the urge strikes.  A lot of thought provoking going on in a small post.  Excellent!

I never realized that someone could delete a comment they didn’t like from one of their own posts.  Seems like that would take someone pretty insecure to do that, but I guess they’re here on Zaadz too. 


anarchist friendstacy said


thanks KC!  and welcome to my universe… bwahahahaha 
am so looking forward to your posts being in my friends’ blogs list!!

Seeker Of Good Vibes Dave said


hey stacy.  I have to agree about the whole indigo thing.  I think you are right on that each generation just comes a little bit smarter, and more aware of our environment.  I still remember my parents amazement when I hooked up my nintendo and tv by myself at a young age ;).  Now kids hop on photoshop and just seem to know what to do. Its just evolution.

I am confused as to why you mention Abraham the biblical figure?  My senses tell me you mean the channeled non-physical entity abraham?  Just to be clear, as I have been following the works for Abraham-hicks for a while– Ester Hicks is not channeling Abraham (the guy from the bible).  Abraham is a name Ester gave to a group of ‘non phsyical’ teachers.  No relation to the bible guy.  They explain Ester called them Abraham because in her mind, Abraham (the bible guy) represented goodness and what not.  Not saying your thoughts are wrong, just wanted to make clear the difference..

I also want to say that from studying abraham-hicks for the past 3 years, and conversations with god before that, and various spiritual and religious teachers before that– I came to know LOA is real from practicing it.  There is no way to prove it other than to show yourself you are the creator of your reality, and noone else is creating it for you.  Its not something someone else can do for you.  In the begining, i started small– parking space and such, and then i began sorting thru various subjects and beliefs, and noting which subjects had beliefs (thoughts that we think over and over) that were good for me, and which were bad– and we can tell that from the way we feel.

LOA is nothing more than a force, like gravity, and I agree many make too much of it.  Focusing on your hearts desire is the main purpose of the message.

Explorer of worlds pookietooth said


I think all religions started with one person, or a group of people, who had personal spiritual experiences that they were so moved by they just had to share them with others. The control part is probably a product of 1) people’s desire to be right and 2) people’s desire to belong. They create a group to follow them so that they feel more right and less alone. And people follow them because it’s impressive, easy, and soothing to have a group of people validate your beliefs.
I am so glad my ds is not circumcised, and am very glad you talked me out of it. It didn’t take much, just information about the ugly reality of it.

anarchist friendstacy said


Howdy Dave!  thank you so very much for your input.
All I know about LOA is how it has affected certain people close to me.  I see them terrified of thinking “bad” thoughts.  I don’t disagree with the underlying principles, just as I don’t disagree with the underlying principles of Christianity or any other religion.  Issue I have is how these principles are talked about in such a way as to create fear and then this fear is used to manipulate people, tell them how to act.  Then these people who act on what someone else has told them, rather than on what they find within, they try to tell everyone else to be afraid and how to act right, too.  The biggest issue I have is whenever anyone tells me what to believe or how to act, because these things I can only find within.  The people I know who believe in LOA are just as bad about proselytizing as any other religious fanatic, trying to save my soul from myself.  And yes, that she chose the name Abraham really strikes a nerve.

The deal is, we all have spirit guides, all of us.  But we learn from them by looking within, not by listening to what someone else says their guides are teaching them.  See, when we start talking about such indescribable experiences, language isn’t up to the task, so we use metaphor, which is up to each individual hearing it to interpret in a manner that makes sense to them.  Far too many people have been indoctrinated into religion through fear and manipulation to let go of that, even when they turn their backs on their parents’ religion they still carry the control issues with them.

Enlightened.thinker : Light-plerker Enlightened.thinker said



Am happy to see this all here and also that you speak your truth. I have accidentially deleted a blog comment a few times. I wanted to delete my own once and instead deleted another persons post…she was PISSED! Un-friended me and wil not forgive me! And I wrote telling her it was in error!!!

As the mother of a 23 year old circumcised man, I must say this is distrubing…

When my son was born, he was circumcised. My belief is that it was “cleaner” with less chance for infection. I was not present…it was something all children had done…and was not for religious purposes..

I have heard from other older males that the boys in the locker room would tease the boys who were uncircumcised, labeling them strange…etc. This, I heard later in my life.

It makes sense not to…but the mindset was ingrained…and I was much more “sheep-ish” when I was younger…

As to LOA or any other thing where a person turns over their decision-making or thoughts to another guru or group and does not think for themself..I am always against that. People need to be empowered, not disempowered!

Indigo, red, white blue…we are all souls traveling…I just had a wonderul aura reading…and each aura color is related to personality and was dead on!
Indigo “perfection” is another example of labeling one better than another…reminds me of people with bumper stickers: my child is an honor student” blahblah … we are all honorable students of life…lets not label..lets love.

Thanks for your post and your honesty!

love ya


anarchist friendstacy said


Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ishmail.  His firstborn son was of a servant and his second child was of his wife.  When Abraham died, each son thought he should be entitled to their father’s land.  Their descendants are still fighting over that land some three thousand years later, neither side admitting the fact that they are fighting their own brothers for land that belongs to them all.

Explorer of worlds pookietooth said


Yeah, that whole Muslim vs Jew thing is quite a bit of what’s been bothering the world – not just recently but for a long time. And the Christian vs. Muslim and Christian vs. Jew thing too.
What I’m wondering about is what would make different generations born with different aura colors? And in what order? Also, is it years or what? Because there are people in my family tree that are in their seventies that are on the same level as my son, as far as like they share the same great-great-grandparent. Does that mean, since in my family I am the youngest and born to older parents that I’m actually in a previous generation?

anarchist friendstacy said


I don’t know how it works.  I only know what I have personally observed.  You would be in the “blue” generation, but your aura is not blue (neither is mine) but most people our age are indeed blue.  I think your mom was yellow, rather than green, but she was closer in age to my grandparents than my parents generation….
good questions!  I’ll have to think about it more.

ancient prophecy

Posted on Oct 30th, 2007 by anarchist friendstacy

Prophecies to be Fulfilled – Dan Evehema, Hopi Elder

[From various sources – chiefly The Hopi Survival Kit by Thomas E. Mails & Chief Dan Evehema]

“The time will come when from the earth will arise a mystic fog which will dilute the minds and hearts of all people. Their guidelines of wisdom and knowledge will falter, the Great Laws of our Creator will dissolve in the minds of people. Children will be out of control and will no longer obey the leaders, immorality and the competitive war of greed will flourish.
“When the end is near, we will see a halo of mist around the heavenly bodies. Four times it will appear around the sun as a warning that we must reform, telling us that people of all color must unite and arise for survival, and that we must uncover the causes of our dilemmas. Unless man-made weapons are used to strike first, peace will then come.
“So the time will come when we will experience late springs and early frosts, this will be the sign of the returning Ice Age.
“We believe militarism is born out of injustice, poverty and ignorance where absolute governments refuse to hear the grievances of minorities. So the people resort to violence, demonstrations and even terrorism when they see no other way to be heard. What can we do when our world leaders and the people are acting like fools in attempts to solve the problems confronting us? Once again we will quote the prophecy of our Elders. We hope it will interest you so that you will be more aware of it because it has been happening for some time.
“According to prophecy, the day will come when people in high places will be hunted. This will get out of control. The hunting will gather strength and spread. This situation might even erupt on our land. Finally, this will lead us to the Biblical version of Armageddon (the Hopi version is closely related). A final decisive battle between good and evil. This will occur under one God or Chief. The prophets say we will speak one language and that this will happen in Hopiland, in the village of Oraibi , where the new life plan will be drawn, in the pattern and cycle of religion. Here also a final decision will be made for the wicked. They will be beheaded and speak no more. If this does not materialize there will be a total destruction through the acts of man or nature. Then new life will begin from a girl and a boy. This is a frightening prophecy and will not be supported by many.
“It is in the prophecies of the Hopi that in a case like this the Navajo may help our cause. Also the Bahannas or the Paiute Tribe may help. We doubt that the U.S. Government will easily concede our sovereignty.
“There are two water serpents, one at each pole with a warrior sitting on his head and tail. These command nature to warn us by her activities that time is getting short, and we must correct ourselves. If we refuse to heed these warnings, the warriors will let go of the serpents; they will rise up, and all will perish.
“We are much concerned about the climate. No one seems to be able to predict the weather accurately from day to day. However, we know according to our time markers that it is past due for certain seeds to be planted at their proper time. In recent springs, we were reluctant to plant due to the late snow and cold weather. Once more maybe our ancient prophecy is right, that one day we will plant wearing finger sacks (gloves) clearing away snow with our feet before planting. The summers will become shorter for maturing the corn for harvest. The result is anybody’s guess.
“The question is, will this occur the world over? This would depend on the geographical areas. In the regions with different climates, things will happen in different ways. For instance, tropical land could become a land of ice, and the Arctic region could become tropical. This need not happen if we, the people, get our leaders to do something about the harmful things being done to the environment.
“It is said that, if the future generations find out that we did nothing to preserve the good ways, they might throw us from our houses into the streets. This suffering will be of our own making. The lack of peace in our own spiritual being could trigger the revolution. Our True White Brother might come and find we have forsaken the sacred instructions. Then he will whip us without mercy.
“Let us take a look into the future through the eyes of our prophets. Hopi were instructed to tell of the Great Purification just ahead of a time when Humankind would once again become highly civilized, tending to become careless and leading us to self-destruction. They said that, along the way, the industrialized world will have certain problems. People will be uncomfortable because of the changing times, and they will have to make adjustments to find new life styles.
“Industrialized nations will become careless in getting more the resources out of the earth. Believing all these things will last forever, soon natural resources will be depleted. Fuel shortages will occur; industrial machinery will come to a standstill. The machinery used for planting, harvesting and transport will become useless. Supermarket shelves will become empty of farm produce. The farmers and those who grow their own food will not sell their produce. Money will become worthless. The white man with all his intelligence and technology will not be able to repair the damage. We will see extraordinary events in Nature and Earth, including humans.
“Modern man looks upon old wisdom and knowledge as dead, useless and no longer respected. Modern man depends on the money system and no longer on Mother Earth for food. According to prophecy when this happens Mother Earth will hide her nourishment because of the view that ancient food is poor man’s food. When all food disappears, modern man will try to correct his mistake, the conditions he caused upon the earth through his inventions. He will try to achieve some kind of method to heal the wound, but this will not be possible when we reach the point of no return.
“The Hopi play a key role in the survival of the human race through their vital communion with the unseen forces that hold nature in balance. The pattern is simple: The whole world will shake and turn red and turn against those who are hindering the Hopi.
“This prophecy is related to the Biblical version of that which may yet come to pass. It goes on to say that common people will become concerned and frustrated because of their hectic world. They will be particularly against the bloodthirsty policies and the deceitfulness of the world leaders. The common people the world over will band together to fight for world peace. They will realize that their leaders have failed. People in high places will be hunted down like animals, perhaps through terrorism. In turn leaders will retaliate and begin hunting each other. This condition will gather strength and spread far and wide. It will get out of control the world over. Revolution could erupt on our land.
“The liberators will come in from the west with great force. They will drop down from the sky like rain. They will have no mercy. We must not get on the house tops to watch. They will shake us by our ears, like children who have been bad. This will be the final decisive battle between good and evil. This battle will cleanse the heart of people and restore our Mother Earth from illness, and the wicked will be gotten rid of.
“If this fails to materialize, our Great Creator through nature will do the task according to their [sic] plans. It could be total destruction in any form. Only brother and sister will survive to begin a new way of life. This prophecy is frightening and doubtful. Perhaps it is of no value to most people.
“Eventually a gourd full of ashes would be invented, which, if dropped from the sky, would boil the oceans and burn the land causing nothing to grow for many years. This would be the sign for a certain Hopi to bring out the teachings in order to warn the world that the third and final event would happen soon and could bring an end to all life unless people correct themselves and their leaders in time.
“The final stage, called The Great Day of Purification, has been described as a Mystery Egg in which the forces of the Swastika and the Sun plus a third force symbolized by the color red culminate either in total rebirth or total annihilation; we don’t know which. But the choice is yours; war and natural catastrophe may be involved. The degree of violence will be determined by the degree of inequity caused among the peoples of the world and in the balance of nature. In this crisis rich and poor will be forced to struggle as equals in order to survive.
“The reality that it will be very violent is now almost taken for granted among Traditional Hopi, but man still may lessen the violence by correcting his treatment of nature and fellow man. Ancient, spiritually based communities, such as the Hopi, must especially be preserved and not forced to abandon their wise way of life and the natural resources they have vowed to protect.
“The man-made system now destroying the Hopi is deeply involved in similar violations throughout the world. The devastating reversal predicted in the prophecies is part of the natural order. If those who thrive from that system, its money and its laws, can manage to stop destroying the Hopi then many may be able to survive the Day of Purification and enter a new age of peace. But if no one is left to continue the Hopi way, the hope for such an age is in vain.
“Since mankind has lost peace with one another through conflict due to the new ways, the Great Spirit, the Great Creator, has punished the people in many ways. Through all of this there was always a small group who survived to keep the original ways of life alive. This small group is comprised of those who adhere to the laws of the Creator, who keep the spiritual path open, out from the circle of evil. According to our knowledge we are not quite out of the circle.
“Now we enter the time of testing that only the Great Creator can confirm. The alignment of the planets, we were so kindly informed of by the star watchers has been awaited by the Hopi. As the time nears, the predicted behavior of the people accurately describes the behavior of people in the 1990’s. When the end is near, we will see a halo of mist around the heavenly bodies. Four times it will appear around the sun as a warning that we MUST reform.
“Ambitious minds will decrease, while the people of good hearts, who live in harmony with the earth, will increase until the earth is rid of evil. If the Hopi are right, this will be accomplished and the earth will bloom again. The spiritual door is open. Why not join the righteous people? The Horny Toad Woman gave Massau’u a promise that she would help him in time of need, saying she too had a metal helmet. After the Hopi have fulfilled their pattern of life, Massau’u will be the leader, but not before, for He is the First and He shall be the Last.”

I did not write this, nor verify it’s accuracy.  I share this here because of striking similarities between it and things I have dreamt.  In the comments, over the next few days, I shall look into the differences between my dreams and these prophecies, because that somehow seems significant to me…
– stacy

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anarchist friendstacy said


“The time will come when from the earth will arise a mystic fog which will dilute the minds and hearts of all people. Their guidelines of wisdom and knowledge will falter, the Great Laws of our Creator will dissolve in the minds of people. Children will be out of control and will no longer obey the leaders, immorality and the competitive war of greed will flourish.”
mystic fog –  illusion, lies, a veil that separates the physical from the supernatural
we must realize that there is no distinction between physical and spiritual, other than in the way WE ourselves think of these things.  It is we who separate all that is into two aspects, two sides.  All is One.  Division is a lie, a trick.  Believing in this division divides ourselves, so that we live only half a life.

regarding “out of control” children:  Children are only disobedient when you expect obedience.  Humans, no matter their size, deserve to be treated with respect, not expected to obey orders except as their own conscience dictates.

anarchist friendstacy said


“According to prophecy, the day will come when people in high places will be hunted. This will get out of control. The hunting will gather strength and spread. This situation might even erupt on our land. Finally, this will lead us to the Biblical version of Armageddon (the Hopi version is closely related). A final decisive battle between good and evil. This will occur under one God or Chief. The prophets say we will speak one language and that this will happen in Hopiland, in the village of Oraibi , where the new life plan will be drawn, in the pattern and cycle of religion. Here also a final decision will be made for the wicked. They will be beheaded and speak no more. If this does not materialize there will be a total destruction through the acts of man or nature. Then new life will begin from a girl and a boy. This is a frightening prophecy and will not be supported by many.”
This is one possible future that I have seen as well.  But it doesn’t have to happen IF we can figure out how to unite everyone with everyone else, rather than fighting each other because of our differences.  The mist that divides what we call GOOD from that which we call EVIL must be seen for the LIE that it is.  We must unite ourselves, all the different parts that make each of us who we are.  We must unite within, and also with every other being on this planet.  We must tear down the walls that separate us, both internal and external.  It is imperative, else the final war between Good and Evil will come to pass, your false belief that it is so will guarantee it.

anarchist friendstacy said


“The question is, will this occur the world over? This would depend on the geographical areas. In the regions with different climates, things will happen in different ways. For instance, tropical land could become a land of ice, and the Arctic region could become tropical. This need not happen if we, the people, get our leaders to do something about the harmful things being done to the environment.
“It is said that, if the future generations find out that we did nothing to preserve the good ways, they might throw us from our houses into the streets. This suffering will be of our own making. The lack of peace in our own spiritual being could trigger the revolution. Our True White Brother might come and find we have forsaken the sacred instructions. Then he will whip us without mercy. ”

it’s not about what we want our leaders to do, it’s about what we do.  Do something!  don’t wait for someone, anyone else to do it for you.  Each and every one of us has to do our part in saving the environment.  The world depends on it.

Most people have already let the younger generations down.  When they are sitting all alone in that retirement home, never getting so much as a phone call from their “successful” offspring, they have nobody to blame but themselves.  Think very carefully about what you teach your children.  Your example teaches them more than 20 years in school ever could.

this “True White Brother” isn’t going to come and save you, you have to save yourself.  And he’s not gonna kick your ass, either.  Most people kick themselves all too well already.

anarchist friendstacy said


I have dreamt of three different possible futures.  Nothing is certain, one decision made by a small child can change the course of history.  But I’m finding it harder and harder to see any way out of certain upcoming events:

I see the Earth healing herself.  What does this mean to the human infestation?  It means that anyone who is part of the problem is gonna have to go.  Possibly many that are trying to help things will go along with them, I don’t know.  I see the west coast being hit particularly hard next fall.  All of the area from Portland north to Seattle will be OBLITERATED!  I see all of TVA’s dams breaking about two years from now, causing massive floods.  The flood waters are sorely needed, the planet needs the floods to return and cleanse the garbage away.  I am being told, very insistently, DO NOT EAT THE FISH.  We may be very very hungry, but the fish and other creatures of the water are not to be eaten.  I don’t doubt the Hopi may be safe where they are.  I also believe that the mountains of East Tennessee are a safe place.  There may be more.  I would look for somewhere on high ground, above the flood plains.  Somewhere near enough to a source of limestone-filtered spring water. 

The economy has already crumbled.  We are being fed lies to make us believe it is not so, but it is.  It is too late to save whatever good was in the system to begin with, we have to start all over again.  Learn useful skills, hone up on the skills you already possess because it is what you can do for others that counts, not how much useless money you have.  Can  you cook?  grow crops?  sew clothes?  fix machines?  hunt?  Mothers who are lactating should not allow their milk to dry up, this could mean the difference between life and death for many children, not only your own kids, but your neighbors’ as well.  Listen to your own spiritual guides, they will help you.  If you do not have, or are not aware of such guides, listen to your inner voice of reason, your conscience.  We all have intuition, now is the time to use it, before the shit hits the fan next fall!!

anarchist friendstacy said


I was given the following vision during a commitment ceremony being sung around the campfire after the powwow last month.  Before I shared it with anyone else, I gave it to the couple whose ceremony it was, because it was a very special gift and I had to give it to them first.  Some of their friends had just showed up at the powwow, didn’t even know there was a gathering there that weekend.  Said they just let the wind blow them where it wants them to go.  Hadn’t seen their friend in a very long time, since his wife had died.  Now he’s in a new relationship and they offered to bless the union.

We all stood in a circle around the fire.  As the couple began to sing the most beautiful song I’d ever heard, in Navajo language, I think it was, the smoke started blowing right towards me.  I tried to move, to get away from the smoke but was unable to do so.  I was glued to the ground and could not break the circle.  So I stood there and closed my eyes, with tears streaming down my face.

With my eyes shut, I could still see the fire dancing before me.  It started swirling around and around, faster and faster.  And I saw Bison (American “Buffalo”), lots and lots of Bison, all over the entire continent of North America.  It was soooo beautiful, green fields, lots of trees, and Bison everywhere.  It was kinda sad, too, because where were the people?

dawn song ange said


Thank you Stacy for this informative and enlightening blog, interesting how closely related the ” Prophecies ” are in many areas.

The Hopi talk of ” beheading ” talking no more ” it is as if metaphorically these events are already evident, it came to me of the thoughts of man, the thoughts being almost dead-end, hearts cold and not open with love and compassion for there earth and fellow brother. 

” Speaking no more ” perhaps the words of some are empty and without true meaning and courage, empty promises,
words of war and avenging which lead to destruction and pain.

The return of animals long gone has I believe been prophesied and we also are told of deception and illusion which as you mentioned is here in a big way.

The continued experimentation of genetics in both human and animal is seen as the ultimate drive in ” creative design ” 

The continued cruelty, mistreatment and slaughter of both humans and animals is tipping the scales for mother earth, she literally is running a fever with the unbalance and speeding up of ignorance within minds.

Yet the prophecies you also mention are of the return of abundance, a great way returning, of strength, wisdom, truth and loving awareness.
I believe the Elders have talked of this, long ago in a time similar when many suffered the turmoil and devastation of greed, loss and great suffering.

A prophecy which talked of the message being brought by the winged one who for-told of the return of the buffalo and the people living as before in great harmony and the earth in abundance of giving, returning that which the people so desired, prayed and gave thanks for.
For in knowing that we do not just ” Take ” or assume we own anything, but that we come in humble acceptance and with honor and  thanks for the eternal circle of giving and receiving.
Those who live this way are I feel intertwining the threads of a new creation, a harmony of self and earth, knowing that truth cannot be hidden for much longer.

Those who have been still and in quiet resolution of much that has passed have experienced great trials, in a disposition of awaiting, witnessing injustice, broken hearts and yet with a hopefulness and resilience of great magnitude.

The changes are evident, I feel we all know and see this, and as your blog so aptly invites, we all now are in the embrace of change and fulfillment of evolvement

A prevalent preparing and openness of heart is called forth for all, like the Mother and great feminine we are, our finely tuned  consciousness requires we feed and nurture that which is part of ourselves,
our children and Earth, nature, our brothers and sisters, all living things, all that we see and serve now needs our visions, hope and love.

Thank you for this blog Friendstacy…

anarchist friendstacy said


thank you, Ange, for your comment.

“beheading” has a more personal meaning to me, something I am not quite ready to share publicly.  Perhaps your mention of it is the sign that I need to focus some energy in this direction, to try to figure out words to express what it is that needs to be said…
it’s not going to be easy.

anarchist friendstacy said


“…Here also a final decision will be made for the wicked. They will be beheaded and speak no more. If this does not materialize there will be a total destruction through the acts of man or nature. Then new life will begin from a girl and a boy. This is a frightening prophecy and will not be supported by many. ”

I have quite a different perspective on this.  IF we continue to divide our existence into “good” vs “evil” then yes, all this will happen, armageddon, the final battle, all that shit.  This is already happening, and has been going on for millennia.  Our fears will manifest our worst nightmares into reality.  We do have a choice.  We have only been educated, indoctrinated, branwashed, to not believe we have a choice, but the decision is up to each and every one of us to make for ourselves.

Every one of my past lives that I remember, my head was separated from my body upon death.  Every single time!  I was silenced, just long enough for me to be born again and start talking again, only to lose my head, again.  You can choose to believe the truth I am being compelled to share, or not.  They (whoever “they” are) can cut my damn head off, I keep coming right back anyway.

anarchist friendstacy said


and, along these same lines, here is a message I received from a friend at myspace:

Chief Arvol Looking Horse,

19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

Mitakuye Oyasin (all my relations),

Another great message has come to us from the animal nation. This time, it is more urgent then ever! It has come to my attention of another birth of a white buffalo, this time it is more different then any other sign.

So far since 1994, the same time that Global Warming was being announced; there have been at least 4-6 every year of these sacred buffalo calves that have stood upon the earth. Not only the buffalo have showed these signs to tell us of this great urgency that is upon us, but in many parts of the world, there have been other animal nations showing this sacred color. This color represents the south, the direction in which we pass through to the spirit world, a completed cycle. This interpretation has to do with the Bundle I take care of; that carries a prophesy from the White Buffalo Calf Woman. She told of a time when her spirit would stand upon the earth, a time of great changes were about to come to us all. A time when the two legged would have to make a decision to change their ways to heal the damage that they have created. Boundaries in respecting life and spirit will have become violated.

This birth is yet another sign, but brings more awareness of this urgency. This new birth has to do with 2 female buffalo kept in captivity, with no male buffalo present. It would be hard to believe, but in this instance, the place they live has kept this quiet, because they did not want to be accused of artificially inseminating the female buffalo. There have been these types of instances that have been done in the past, concerning publicity in owning a white buffalo calf.

The Woodland Zoo in Farmington, Pennsylvania decided to bring in two female buffalo to their facility. One of the females was pregnant when she arrived. After she had the calf, it was sold, 6 months later, she gave birth to another calf, this time it was white. Buffalo carry for 9 months as humans do. The other female she lived with, gave birth 9 months later to a black buffalo after the white calf stood upon the earth, again no male buffalo present.

This was brought to my attention a while back. I did not want to state anything till I took this through ceremony, to understand the truth and the message.

Since 1994, these kinds of signs have been coming, but it seems that people do not listen or want to see anything important from the animal nation’s messages. This has a lot to do with faith.

What was told is as follows: This is a very dangerous time we are in! The minds of the people on Unc’i Maka (Grandmother Earth) are choosing to focus on a new way of life that is hurting us all in the global community. This way of life chooses war, hurting one another physically and verbally, and continued desecration to Unc’i Maka in taking more then what we truly need in her resources. These decisions not only hurt our own People, but the animal nations are dying in large numbers to extinction by this new way of life we are accepting. Unc’i Maka is going to have a hard time to continue to bring food to all life. These decisions need to be changed very soon and are in each and every one of your hands more then ever. Respect to the spirit of life needs to be brought back; boundaries need to put back into place and faith needs to be present in everyone’s life once again.

We have no choice but to listen!

May Peace Prevail Earth! In a Sacred Hoop of Life, where there is no ending and no beginning!

Chief Arvol Looking Horse,
19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

with every answer, I find ten more questions!

Posted on Aug 12th, 2007 by anarchist friendstacy

and it certainly feels as though I’m going backwards instead of forward. 

I dealt with the shame of being related to General Winfield Scott and the realization that he was Cherokee, the man put in charge of the Trail of Tears.  The Cherokee people long ago forgave our family, but we had to forgive ourselves, too.  At Red Clay, where the eternal flame burns, it says the flame is in memorial to all Cherokee who suffered on the Trail of Tears.  When I read that, I heard a whisper saying to me, “including General Scott.  Of all the suffering, his was the hardest to endure.”  At my father’s burial, a Cherokee brave (this is the word I am hearing, “brave”) came to me and asked if I were the daughter and offered me a flute.  My sister is the one who plays the flute, and I told him the flute was for her, rather than me.  Nobody had ever seen him before, nobody knew who he was.  He gave my sister the flute, and I think they talked a while.  I’m not sure, I was in a rather strange state of mind, you know, my Daddy was dead.

Anyway, so I went through the shame of the realization of who my father’s family is.  It wasn’t easy, but I did forgive Winfield Scott for what he did, and I forgave myself too.  I learned to love him, so I could love all of who I am, because he is part of me.  I went to the magic water and washed off the shame as I sang to the frogs.  And everything was wonderful!  It was so amazing…

and now I have to get to the heart of the anger inside me.  This anger, it runs very deep.  It has always been with me.  It’s not so bad now that I no longer eat gluten, but it’s still there.  I am supposed to apologize to somebody for something that happened long long ago, and I don’t know who or why!  I thought I had to apologize to the Cherokee, but that’s not it!  It has something to do with my Mother’s family, Blackfeet (spirit grandmother says, “not Blackfoot!  we walk with both feet in the fire”) and Shoshone and Ninastako mountain.  I would be most grateful if anyone could shed some light on this for me.

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Healer PerpetuallyMe said


The cliche ‘walking through fire’ basically means choosing to be in action.  Native Americans are known to head off problems by staying in action, treating the smallest issue before it became large.

Is there something in your life that you are avoiding?  Some avoid confrontation… some avoid abandonment…. avoidance stems out of fear.  So I ask you one question:

If you had NO FEAR, what would you do Right Now?

anarchist friendstacy said


What a wonderful question!!!

if I had no FEAR…

…that’s easy, really.  I’d save the human race from itself!!  That’s what I’d do.  I’d show everyone that we don’t need governments and laws.  I would teach everyone how to be autonomous and free.  Problem is, I can’t teach anyone this, it’s something they each must find within themselves.  But I can live what I believe, and show people that it is possible.

Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom.

 Bewick said


Though this is sad to say, I don’t believe that most people can live their lives without governments and laws.  The peope who can live their lives without these things will be eaten alive by those who can not live their lives without these “laws.”  “Good,” caring, responsible people can live without laws because they have the laws of decency and fairness in their hearts.  Many don’t.  The bad apple spoils the barrel.  Without “official” laws we would still have laws made by ourselves.  Respect for life and property etc.  In an ideal world everyone would have this respect, but truth is, this isn’t an ideal world, and there are far too many people who wear the face of a vulture.

anarchist friendstacy said


If we had no fear, we could create that ideal world…

 Bewick said


WE could … but THEY can’t.  😉  That is why I try and create my own ideal space within that world.  The warrior’s walk where none can penetrate.

anarchist friendstacy said


why can’t they?  The “MKULTRA” mind-control is failing.  This is why they are trying even harder to control us.  We can do anything!  All of us can!  Even those who have never had a thought of their own, nor done anything without someone telling them to do it.  Don’t sell humanity short, we are such incredible creatures!

 Bewick said


Humanity has sold humanity short. 

Explorer of worlds pookietooth said


There are those who say that it’s those with the DNA of aliens who are causing the troubles in this world. I don’t know if that’s true or not, although I’ve definitely heard many people say it.
Wanted to send you a link about dry brushing:

anarchist friendstacy said


that’s not true.  we all have “alien” DNA, because the “aliens” are human!!  They are no different than we are, even down to what’s happening with our government right now.

Explorer of worlds pookietooth said


As in humans are descended from aliens? Yikes! what a concept!
Did you read the thing about dry brushing? I thought it sounded cool.

anarchist friendstacy said


no, more like they are descended from us.

the dry brushing might help with superficial issues, temporary, current negative energy patterns, but my problems run very very deep. 😛  Thanks though, I might come across someone who needs just that!

What’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted?

Posted on Aug 26th, 2007 by anarchist friendstacy

This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for August 26, 2007:

After my second child was born, I mentioned to my midwives that I had been reading about and thinking about eating the placenta to help fight off the problems with breastfeeding and depression that I had experienced after my first baby was born.  While it was still warm, one of my midwives cut off a largish piece and gave it to me.  I had expected a tiny bit that I could swallow whole, and was suprised and a bit revolted at the idea of chewing it up.  That was the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.  And, for the record, my milk came in within a day of having given birth, I never did get depressed (a little moody, perhaps, but nothing like what happened after my first baby was born), my hair never fell out in clumps, my skin stayed healthy and smooth, my lochia only lasted a few days, even!  I experienced none of those hormone-related problems women usually complain of after giving birth.  It was truly some powerful medicine.

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Poet & Philsopher  Goddess of Karma said


OMG.  Really?  I’m not amazed at the health benefits….I don’t doubt that for a minute…but that it actually taste great is what amazes the heck out of me.  Bravo! Great story.  Thanks for sharing it.

anarchist friendstacy said


Only that first bite, when it was still warm (and I was still high on birth), was what I’d call delicious.  After it had been refrigerated, it wasn’t unpleasant, but wasn’t all that great anymore.

Spiritual Anarchist semilla besada said


I think, that when the body really, really, really needs something, it tastes fabulous. That way it ensures that it (the body) gets what it needs.

Just like we have such pleasure at orgasm…to ensure the survival of all the bodies!

And that’s just so cool! I wish I’d had the chance to try that.

anarchist friendstacy said


I think, that when the body really, really, really needs something, it tastes fabulous.

I agree, completely! 🙂

c.c. : Mother of the Future c.c. said


Awesome story, Stacy!
”...when the body really, really, really needs something, it tastes fabulous.

(I think my body really really needed apple fritters this morning!)
: )

Spiritual Anarchist semilla besada said



that just might be your soul…it has needs too.
; )

LuminousLioness sengmo said


Wow, Stacy, I have to add that I have know of the life-supporting beneifits of eating the placenta, but tht thought was repulsive to me. (I have been a vegetarina for over 20 years.) This is a great story.

I can’t help but notice that men are not responding to this thread.


Gens Patronus OddMott said


That’s because…. we’re speechless?  ha ha!  Very interesting story, I’d read about the health benefits – and being a health nut – I was really impressed.  However, I totally doubted I’d ever hear of anyone actually doing it!  Good on ya!

Ariela the Quantum Leaper Resurrected1 said


Holy Creation! You go, girl!

I was thinking to myself that the placenta must be the most nourishing amazing thing on this planet…as we have ALL fed and grown from one!
This is amazing…of course, this all didn’t occur to me till recently…and I am not having any more kids…
And you ate it fresh and still warm? Wow. You’re amazing…I’d probably have to cook it up with something else and add lots of garlic maybe, LOL…

anarchist friendstacy said


I had two main reasons for eating it fresh and raw.  One, the benefits decline if you cook it, like reheating pumped breastmilk kills some of the live cells and changes the hormone chemical composition.  But mostly it’s because I heard it stinks to high heaven when you cook or dehydrate placenta, and I’m particularly sensitive to the way things smell, even moreso during and shortly after being pregnant.  🙂

Infinitely Malleable Clifton said


ummm, sengmo, i’m not like grossed out or anything–if that’s something YOU want to do.  but i’m thinking it would probably more palatable in an omlette.  but then again i’d be hard pressed to think of anything that wouldn’t taste good in an omlette!

light vs. darkness

Posted on Jul 29th, 2007 by anarchist friendstacy

in the beginning, there was only darkness,
the darkness of Mother’s womb.
Father penetrated the darkness with his light,
and together they created life.

(edit to add: that is how my father told me the Genesis story after translating the original text when he was attending Divinity School at Yale.  He said that the word we translate as “darkness” also has other meanings, and stands for all things feminine, human intuition, the female aspect of creation, the womb, inner strength.  Likewise, Father’s “light” stands for all things masculine, worldly knowledge, external force, physical strength.)

many of us recognize that Christianity, as re-shaped by the Romans to be a tool of opression, villified the female aspect of creation, and made anything feminine undesirable, even unholy or evil (Plato explains how those in power must invent “evil” to give the people something to blame when things go wrong, in order to keep the people under control).  But most of us don’t comprehend how deeply this affects us.  Even here at zaadz, where free-thinking runs rampant, many still worship the light and fear the dark.  It is our fear of the dark that prevents the Mother Magic from healing our spirit (especially us women), we seek to infuse our bodies and souls with “the light that heals” instead, ignorant of the fact that our denial of the darkness that lies within us all is what prevents us from being whole.

someone recently called me “enlightened” and I let it slide, even though I find that word to be utterly discriminatory and offensive.  I know what he meant, and he meant well, but I am not enlightened, as that implies knowledge from an external source (the light shines upon us, darkness lies within).  I don’t believe that the masculine is preferable or more powerful than the feminine.  these words have much power, though, in shaping how we think about the world and our spiritual quest for whatever it is we are seeking.

so in light of this admission of mine (LOL), take another look at Guernica.  Don’t you think Picasso was trying to tell us something?  Something he refused to explain, but that many others have tried, and failed, possibly because they believe “the light” to be goodness incarnate?  but if that were so, why is it that the light is shining down on the destruction?  If the light were truly good, wouldn’t it have prevented the destruction in the first place, rather than watching it unfold (the eye in the sky)?

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Tree Hugging Dirt Worshiper debyemm said



I saw that you had posted this because I received an “alert” via email from the Divinations pod.  You and I are thinking about some of the same dualities at the same time from different perspectives and using different words.  I am in the process of putting together a post on Yin and Yang because I have meant for a long time to begin a thread on Taoism in the Living Metaphysics pod.  So, I hope to get that done today or tomorrow and, I would love for you to also post this there, when you see it pop in.

I agree that control dramas are always intentional and that to be whole and express our power clearly and forcefully, we must embrace both sides.  I remember, at one time in my life, thinking of myself as a Red Witch instead of a White or Black.  I was asked what I meant by that and I think for me, it was my way of trying to integrate both sides, without denying or giving undue importance to either. 

I don’t spend much time dwelling on the motivations of the “big” picture.  Indeed like Microsoft code development, I question that any one or even several individuals can truly exert intentionally that much total control.  Yes, some (usually, but not always, masculine) types of people will always attempt to take advantage of weaker types.  But strength need not be expressed externally, upon which we both agree.  With the spiritual changes now taking place, more and more men are seeking to integrate their feminine aspects as well.


anarchist friendstacy said


we do seem to have some sort of agreement, Deb.   (funny, my kids sometimes call me the “purple witch” or “purple fairy”)

I do think the big picture is very important, though.  I think people must recognize the many ways they have been abused (ie, other people wanting control over their actions) in order to recognize when they are finally truly free.  If most people don’t even understand what autonomy is, how can they ever expect to be free?  Do they simply not want to be free?  Or do they not realize what freedom really is?  Or, as I fear, do they simply not care?

What I think is so cool about  zaadz is I can discuss politics, philosophy, economics, religion, spirituality, physical health, and more, all here in one place!  I see everything as inter-related and connected.  I see myself as being in four parts, body, mind, soul, and life to correspond to the four “elements” earth, fire, water, and air.  I recognize that to neglect (or to harm) any one of those parts harms the whole of who I am.  Likewise, the more I heal in any one area, the more healing I experience in other areas as well. 

better stop now… 😀

what is anarchy?

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2007 by anarchist friendstacy

seems to me there’s a lack of understanding what I’m talking about when I say that I’m an anarchist.  That’s only fair, my own definition of that word has changed greatly since I first heard it in a punk rock song and adopted it as my own philosophy in the early 1980’s.  I guess I do need to at least try to explain myself… 

I just want to point to my blog (my other blog where I’ve been longer) and say, “there you have it, read all that and then if you still don’t understand, ask me your questions.”  But I’ve never asked anyone to read my stuff before and I’m not about to start now.  Read it only if you really want to.  If there were anyone I could point to and say, “read that guy’s book.” it would be Wilhelm Reich (I’ll admit though, that I only came across his work after forming my own very similar philosophy).  Another good one would be Robert Fulghum, but it’s been many years since I read his book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.   If there were any website I could give you that would explain what I’m talking about, it would be a parenting resource talking about Taking Children Seriously, or non-coercive parenting, or unschooling, or common-preference finding, or one of any number of different catchy names for a concept that I would simply translate as Respect.  I can’t really expect anyone to actually click the links or buy the books, either.  The really tricky bit is that no matter how I try to explain it, most people just don’t get it anyway.  I hate that blank look you get when people have no earthly idea what it is you are talking about.  Blogging helps because then I don’t have to see it, and I can pretend you all understand.  🙂

What I’m talking about is the Golden Rule.  It really is that simple.  Give every other person the same Respect you deserve to get from them.  But don’t do it because I said so.  Do it because you realize it’s the right thing to do.  Respect everyone’s right to autonomy, the ability to subjectively make their own decisions without some objective expert or authority telling them what to do.  Every one of us, no matter who we are, where we live, to whom we pray, and how much money we have, all of us has inside ourselves the ability to know right from wrong, to make decisions for ourselves.  I know I do.  I know you do.  I know that all those other people do too, even if some of them refuse to listen to its voice. 

The number one reason many people do not listen to that inner voice, that instinct to do what is right, is because they have never been given the opportunity to trust in themselves, they have not ever been given any respect and so they lose their own self-respect and no longer trust in their own ability to choose right from wrong.  Nobody needs to be constantly told what to do and what not to do, yet that is how our society works (well, it’s not really working so well, is it?). 

I’m here to say that Respect really does work!  When I respect my children’s ability to make their own decisions, to instinctively know right from wrong, they always choose what is right.  What is right for them might not always be what I want them to do, it certainly wasn’t my idea that my oldest child wear her hair in dreadlocks, for example, but really that’s my problem not theirs.  My children instinctively know that anything that hurts anyone else also hurts themselves.  Nobody had to teach them this, I only had to allow them the chance to find the answers within their own hearts.  This is what I mean by anarchy.  My children aren’t so different from any of the rest of you.  The biggest difference is I refuse to give them my answers.  Rather I believe my role as parent is to show them how to find their own answers.  The lack of rules and laws on a bigger scale doesn’t have to be so scary, not if you can trust your fellow humans to find their own truths within themselves.

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Gentle Soul Keith said


This is good … and I agree.  If everyone lived by the Golden Rule life would be almost problem-free.

Would that we can strive for a world where everyone acted toward others as they would like to be treated. 

Excellent post, dear one.

Enlightened.thinker : Light-plerker Enlightened.thinker said


I was lucky to have both my kids learn by example, not demand. I have seen my friends children remanded to listen to their parents and then rebel ad resist. They end up hating their parents or being in trouble.

My son was unschooled/homeschooled and he thrived in the enviornment. Some kids don’t. He is an ultra liberal thinker and a recent college grad on his way to live in another country and become an anachist in his own right. He loves the Che Guevara model and Noam Chomsky and George Carlin are his favorite people. He is kind, loving…never had a drug or alcohol abuse issue treats all women with respect and honor and and refutes standard male behavoir, like speaking sexually about women, and all the testosterone inflicted judgments…not part of who he is.

I always asked my kids to think for themself and find their own answers…you are one smart person…and I hope you include them in decision making and do not hide truth from them due to fear…

All wonderful and brilliant tools,,

roots and wings…

helicopter parents who hover and preach do no good to their children…they teach them fear and disempower them with their parental overkill…

love it!



anarchist friendstacy said


I take it back what I said about the number one reason people aren’t respectful, why they don’t trust in themselves enough to make their own decisions.  I really think it’s all about FEAR (as I’ve said many many times before, that link takes you to just one of my previous blog entries on this particular subject).  Fear is what causes us to allow other people to make decisions for us.  When we no longer realize that we can and should make our own decisions, because of our own fears, we allow others to tell us what to do, even what to believe, and we lose self-respect, and without self-respect, we are unable to respect others.  It all keeps going round in circles…

I have never come across a child for whom unschooling doesn’t work, except those who had previously been indoctrinated into the control game, via public schools, authoritarian parents, or whatever, and already believe that there is no third way of doing things.  I have, however, met many many parents for whom unschooling doesn’t work because they can’t get beyond the notion of parental control, of raising obedient children.  I have met far more people who call it “unschooling” when what they are doing is neglect, plain and simple.

Yes, Aley, I do include my children in decision-making, we always work together to find a way in which everyone can get what we need and want.  Unlike most parents I know in real life, I do not place a higher level of importance on what I want than on what my children need.  I do not censor material from them either, but they do choose for themselves not to watch certain tv shows or movies or read books that would be upsetting to them.  What upsets them more than anything else is when people are disrespectful to others, when people fight, when people want to control the actions of other people, war, politics, all the same things I really don’t want them overly exposed to anyway (not at their very young ages at least).  They do have a higher tolerance for scary stuff than either I or my husband have, but it’s their decision to make and I have to respect that, too.

Enlightened.thinker : Light-plerker Enlightened.thinker said


bravo! You are living a life without fear and repression..I admire you and your decision and your kids will thank you later when they see how others grew up!


anarchist friendstacy said


well… I try anyway.  There are many things of which I am afraid.  Perhaps my fears are more exposed to scrutiny because of my desire for autonomy…???  I’m getting there, but I know I’m not quite there yet.

Gentle Soul Keith said


There is no such thing as fear, my friend …

anarchist friendstacy said


okay, Keith, you can’t just leave it at that!!!!  please elaborate…  purty pleeeeeeeze with a cherry on top?

Gentle Soul Keith said


What?  Someone actually wants to know what I think?  {{{GASP!}}}  I’m in shock!!!

Fear?  Fear is self-created.  There are, of course, instances when the emotion is beneficial, such as when an actual emergency is upon us and there’s a valid reason to be afraid.  The problem with unwarranted fear is it’s paralyzing … it generally stops one in their tracks.

Fear and anger are the two emotions that hinder most. If one works through the underlying basis for the majority of our common fears … rejection, shame, guilt, etc… . we create and perpetuate them.  There’s no real basis for why we’re afraid.

Releasing fear is much easier said than done for some, however.  Our fears can be so gripping and paralyzing professional counseling may be in order.  For most, merely realizing that we create this fear … and can just as easily un-create or release it … is all that’s needed.

Fear of death and fear of loss are two of the greatest.  Once we realize everything we see around us is only borrowed for a short time … and death is nothing more than transition … the two “biggies” are gone!!!  See?  There really, honestly, is nothing to fear!!!

anarchist friendstacy said


Keith, somewhere around here you asked me why I would use certain terminology, if it has such negative connotations for most people…  I don’t know where it was, so I’m replying here 😉

Suppose everyone thought Bear was a monster who comes in the night to eat naughty children.  This has been taught to us since childhood and has been ground firmly into the way we view the world.  Okay, then suppose some people started realizing that there are no naughty children, that children are only disobedient when we expect obedience from them?  And suppose some other people started realizing that Bear was just an animal, living out in the woods and had no intention of eating our babies and really just wanted us to leave him alone?  Should we then stop calling him Bear?  Why should we invent a new name, an euphemism????  I call it what it is.  And I realize this approach bothers some people, but perhaps that is part of my journey, to upset the status-quo, to make people think in a new way about the old things.  We don’t need to rename Bear, he’s still a bear regardless of what we think about him.

Gentle Soul Keith said


Then, my friend, your destiny is to upset just about everyone who understands the English language.

If you wanted to start a political party today, right now, would you choose to call it the “Nazi Party”?  Well, of course you’re free to do that, go right ahead.  It wouldn’t, however, be a very productive or fun party … because there would be only one member. 

I would suggest you chose your battles more wisely.  “Anarchism” has a really, really bad frame, just as bad as “Nazi”.  Once “that word” is mentioned … anything else you say doesn’t matter.  The listener or reader instantly turns it off and tunes out.  Your message never gets heard merely because you used … “that word” …

Your message is fine and I strongly urge you to keep espousing it.  You are just asking for confrontation, frustration and rejection if you insist on using such a negatively framed word.

anarchist friendstacy said


Expletive, expletive, expletive! 
And I thought you got it.  You don’t get it at all. 
I’m so sorry to have wasted your time with my blather, maybe your wife can explain it to you in words you approve of.

I DONT WANT TO START A POLITICAL PARTY!!!!  I am an ANARCHIST!  That means no government, no political parties, no freakin’ power-trip control games like most men in our world are so stuck on!!!!

My message is immediately tuned out and rejected, not because of my words, but because YOU, and other people just like you, are afraid to understand what I’m really saying.  It’s the unknown, you don’t understand it and it scares you.  admit it.  You are nice and comfy in your male-dominated control-or-be-controlled world where there is always a leader telling those poor idiots what they should do because they can’t be allowed to think for themselves or to make their own decisions.  I’ve had it with that world, and it’s high time it came to an end.  You can’t stop the change from happening, it’s already upon us.  You might try your durnedest to have your illusion of a change with Obama or Ron Paul or whoever else has the prettiest promises of freedom.  But as long as there are leaders and laws governing, controlling the people, NONE OF US ARE FREE!!

The world that is coming, it’s not like anything you’ve ever even imagined, not in your wildest dreams.  It could be Armageddon, but it doesn’t have to be.  The world really is ending, but that only means there’s a new beginning.  It won’t be familiar and safe, but you don’t have to be afraid of the change just because you don’t understand it and are unable to CONTROL it.  SURRENDER!  🙂  Aley is right, men have a much harder time with that idea.  Surrender won’t make you weak, it will empower you, it will make you stronger!  What if we change that word?  Instead of “surrender” what about “trust”???  Do you believe in your fellow humans enough to allow them the autonomy that we all desire and deserve to have?

anarchist friendstacy said


I do apologize for my hissy fit.  I do not apologize for what I said, only for how I said it.  Last night was very rough for me.  I know, that’s no excuse, but maybe you can accept it as an explanation? 

You cannot control the change that is coming, you can’t even possibly comprehend this change, it is so all-encompassing.  You have to ride the wave, else it will drown you sure as shit.  I’m going back to my pink blog, where I belong.  Anyone is more than welcome to come visit me there anytime, please leave any comments that you feel a need to say.  As I said before, I do learn much more from those who disagree with me….even if I won’t admit it at the time  😉

Gentle Soul Keith said


My dear friend,

There is no need for apology.  I honor you.  And I find this whole dialog we’re having, in two places here at Zaadz, fascinating.  How can two people who agree so completely allow themselves to get into a pissing contest over … a word.

As the old crumbles and falls away, a void will form that begs to be filled.  Life as we once knew it will be over.  We must build anew, a better world than the last one.  There will be great fear from the uninformed, those who will be taken by surprise when the dominoes begin falling one, after the other, after the other … till all systems and institutions have ceased to exist.

Those of us who are aware of the changes nye upon us, happening now, will become the only voices of calm, mere droplets in a sea of despair and anguish.  Yes, it could be Armageddon, and for some it will be.  But for others it will be freedom, release from a life of chains and bondage, precisely as you’ve said.

I fear none of this.  It is inevitable.  To build anew, the old must be torn down.  There is no unknown.  I see exactly where we’re headed.  And I know what my purpose is.

I refuse to argue over a word.  In peace and love, I embrace the angry anarchist.  If you will go back and check, you will see that I never, not one time, disagreed with your message.

May the Divine Feminine which honors and strengthens the individual’s rights and freedom ever guide you …

PeaceMaker TextMage said


Well, I’m kinda new here, but I guess I am an anarchist, as well.  In so far, as I do not believe in government as an answer, or even that it is needful when WE take care of OURselves and Others without being forced to do things by guys with guns and courts.

The reason that the poor little word “anarchist” has such a terrible connotation is because organized forces set out to demonize anarchists.  I’ve never met a bomb-tossing anarchist because the bomb-tossing thing takes too much organization.  Even the Unibomber had a manifesto.  I’ll bet he was a Republican.  The Golden Rule is not a manifesto.

Whenever I am troubled by anything, I look inside and find out why I am troubled because I know that every one of my troubles comes from some sort of projection – and fear is one of my strongest projections.  Marcus Aurelius said, “It only stings where we have wounds when others throw salt.”  I stick to tending MY own wounds.

I’m pretty sure that lookiing after myself is the anarchist way.  Hey, I could make that MY manifesto.  Naw, I’m just gonna go have tea.  Love to you ALL, RicHie

What I learned in school, part One

Posted on Sep 5th, 2007 by anarchist friendstacy

My children believe in unbelievable, indescribable things.  We call these things magic, but you can use whatever words work for you.  I also believe in magic, like my kids, but I didn’t always.  I was thinking back, trying to remember what it was like, being a child and still believing in the joy and beauty and wonder that is all around us.  When did the magic leave me?  Aha!  I hit upon the right question!  When did the magic leave, when did I learn not to believe in it anymore?  It was when I started school, that’s when.  But it wasn’t the teachers who taught this to me, it was the other children.  I caught on pretty quick that one just did not go around talking to invisible friends, and you certainly did NOT ask Bobby about the ghost who followed him around everywhere.  Things like that get you in trouble.  The funny looks turn into jokes and sneers.  One kid starts, and the rest join in the fun of having someone to ridicule.  Eventually, you don’t believe anymore because nobody else believes, or if they do, they are too afraid to ever admit it.  That’s what happened, I spent so much energy trying to prove to everyone else that I did not believe these things were real that I convinced myself as well.

what I learned in school, part 2

Posted on Sep 8th, 2007 by anarchist friendstacy

This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for September 08, 2007:

I don’t like these touchy-feely feel-good questions about childhood. 

My childhood was not a happy time for me.  I especially don’t like all the feel-good answers most people give.  That’s not what I remember.  I remember having to fight, because I certainly wasn’t going to let them pick on me.  I remember having to beat up the bullies in order to keep my lunch money.  I remember beating up the bullies who were picking on smaller kids, too.  So it would appear that my favorite activity on the playground (at least at school) was fighting.  I sure spent a lot of time doing that.  I remember that one little boy, he had yellow hair and was especially cruel, I gave him a black eye (“but he started it”).  Apparently his father didn’t believe him that a girl did it, and called my parents in a rage.  I remember how abusive the father was to my father, just like his son had been to me, and how the phone call helped my parents understand why I fought back, and I did not get in trouble (what you gonna do?  spank a kid for getting in a fight?  doesn’t make good sense, does it.  and you know, I never did get any more spankings after that incident…).  But really, my favorite thing to do was go off by myself where nobody could hear me sing.  I remember playing under a large horse-chestnut tree with toys I devised out of the nuts and outer shells of those nuts, sticks, grass, mud.  I liked making necklaces out of dandelions.  If I wasn’t having to fight some (perceived) injustice, I much preferred to be alone with nature.

edit to answer the second question, when was the last time you tried it?…
I gave up fighting when I left my first husband in 1992.  Have not been in a physical confrontation since then.  As far as communing with nature, I do that every day.  So the last time was about 30 minutes ago.

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bleedingheartmama sirene said


Wow. I believe most of us try to remember the good stuff for whatever reason.
But your take on the playground/school yard is an accurate one. I also remember having to fight to get a turn on the swing (not punching, but more darting to get the free one before one of the other kids got it). And reading your comments about being allow gave m a zoom in close up to my school yard and the big, beautiful trees that I (also) sat under playing quietly. After being in class with all those kids and teachers, I needed a break as well.

Thank you for the reality yank (not quite a check)!

And, I love to be in nature as well. Not quiet these days as it used to be since I have little kids and dogs usually involved. But lovely in a different way.

anarchist friendstacy said


why do we allow them to teach our children to fight each other, to push each other around, to always be in competition?  just because that’s how it was when we were kids doesn’t mean it’s okay for our children….

bleedingheartmama sirene said


Our kids are in daycare one day a week and do have to deal with potential conflicts there. I think it is a delicate balance. I do not think that we can completely shield our children from conflict and expect them to survive in the real world. But at the same time, a child should not have the experiences you had as a little one. I am so sorry there was no adult there to intervene. While your situation is not isolated, it is still completely unacceptable that a child would have to be tormented in such a way when they were trying to get a break.

One of the many reasons why we will homeschool our kids. I really do not want someone else determining what is “okay” for my children.

anarchist friendstacy said


There are always going to be conflicts.  I have taught my children, through example, that there’s always a solution to any problem with which everyone can agree and be happy, you just sometimes have to try real hard to find it.  They, in turn, have taught others that you don’t have to control or be controlled, all you have to do is respect people.

Sadhaka Joe said


Stacy, How good it is that you recognized this well enough to write about it. I learned alot from my parents about how I didn’t want to raise my children. This may have been a blessing in disguise as I really enjoy not doing what they did.         Joe

c.c. : Mother of the Future c.c. said


I had very similar experiences in school, Stacy.
Only I was too shrimpy and too shy to fight.
I was more like a skinny little bundle of anxiety
throught the school year.
I’m sorry you had to fight.  I must admit I got a secret pleasure
out of hearing about you standing up for yourself though. 🙂

I agree w Sirene about not being able to shield our kids.
It’s a tricky balance.
I have to be really straight w myself about not projecting
my negative experiences onto my kids’ lives. 
My kids have never experienced the humiliation and fear that
was commonplace for me daily at their ages.
When we go to playgrounds and things get funky, I see them try to
find ways to keep the game going, b/c they want to interact, and they are play junkies.
Their main objective is to keep the game going!
If it escalates and isn’t fun anymore, they lose interest and wander off.

I try to lend my social skills just enough for them to navigate the
situation, and back off.
It drives me crazy when parents are helcoptoring over children and trying to engineer every single activity.
“Do you want to go on the slide?” Oh, come over here.”  “Don’t go down backwards, you’re supposed to face forward.”
It’s almost as annoying as the adults who try to reason with PRErational toddlers!

Star-Child Gemstar said


At least you got some support from your parents in this.  I didn’t – they just figured I was a “whiner” and left me to do the best I could (which meant I eventually learned how to fight back).   I too, remember that being a child and going to school was never a pleasant thing, at least for most of grade school.  The “brutalization” continued in a different way in High-School.

It isn’t strange for me to hear that you also attracted, as I did, a person or persons into your adult life that would also brutalize you.  I got rid of the first one in 1969 and the second one in 1982.  The second one was both mentally and physically abusive, to me and to my kids.

I agree wholeheartedly with you – I dislike these kinds of questions, too.  The one thing I found was that hypnotic regression therapy helped to exorcise most of the ghosts, and to at least give me some better ways of viewing my childhood, and the lessons I learned there.  It also helped me to forgive, which is, for me, the biggest part of the lessons learned from the experience.  It doesn’t mean forgetting – it just means that we release the energy of the hurt, so that a more loving energy can flow in and heal the wounds.



anarchist friendstacy said


(((hugs))) to everyone who understands what I felt back then.  This leads very nicely into a post I almost made yesterday at my pink blog about the crow feather I was given recently while walking my dog at a very sacred place.  Crow, you know, he’s a trickster and he warns about coming changes.  But he’s also friend to those who had unpleasant childhoods.

Spiritual Anarchist semilla besada said


I didn’t know that about crow, friendstacy…no wonder he’s had such an impressive presence in my life!

It was intereresting for me to read your answer as my childhood was pretty dreadful as well, although in a very different way. I was the loner kid, sitting all by herself on the fire escape stairs…but I got to use the playground down the street from our house when no one was around and so could run and lay to my heart’s content. 

My best times were always alone and I still tend to enjoy my time alone quite a lot and find it filled with magic.


Primate Earon said


Stacy, thanks for your posting.  I had a challenging childhood, also, doing much more fighting and peacemaking than I wanted, and spending a lot of time alone.  This “introversion” carried on for many years, until I felt compelled to draw a line in my marriage.  Then, all the bottled up stuff seemed to rush to the surface – a long, dark night of the soul experience – and now, I’m an “extrovert” (which I probably was underneath all my life).

Perhaps this is why many of us are here on Zaadz.  Many of us do healing work.  And I am often reminded of the native concept of “wounded healers.”  There’s a calling that sometimes emerges after the deep wounding we received as children – and a compassion and empathy that many people apparently never feel. 

There were times when I was one of those “helicopter parents” hovering around my kids.  That was an unconscious result of my own traumas – but I learned to let go.  Parenthood presents us with unconscious replays of all of our childhood traumas and all of the faults of our parents – and we can’t strive to be perfect – just good enough.



anarchist friendstacy said


Interesting, Earon,
I can’t be a healer, I feel others’ pain much too intensely.  I help in other ways, though.

Victoria, how nice to see you commenting on my blog.  I’ve always been a loner.  It was only just recently that started bothering me.  My children deserve to belong to the community I never had.

and, I gotta go back where CC said:
 “It’s almost as annoying as the adults who try to reason with PRErational toddlers!” 
See, I don’t understand this idea of pre-rational toddlers.  My children, in particular my oldest, have always been highly rational.  The only way to talk to her is to be reasonable and explain everything in minute detail.  But I’d be in error to assume any other children are like that.  She was talking in complete sentences before she could walk.  Even at two, talking to her was like talking to a little adult (funny, that’s what relatives say about me).

Spiritual Anarchist semilla besada said


I am so with you on the ‘talking to children’ thing. As I recall, even infants are way smarter than most adults! I spoke to each of my children as people from the day of their birth. And maybe all children aren’t like that but I’ll tell you what, if they’re out there, I’ve never met them.

I don’t know who got the idea – or where they got it – that just because you approach someone as an equal (granted, in the  case of infants and toddlers and children, equals needing guidance, like foreigners in a land where the customs and language are foreign to them) it doesn’t mean you can’t hug, cuddle and love them with all your heart. In my opinion it’s just insulting to talk to children like anything other than the sentient being that they are.

And here’s a little story…like you, apparently, I have been able to feel others pain way too intensely. I had a thriving healing practice for nine years and then, I crashed. I just had gone too deep with too many people and all the clearing and ‘protecting’ I had done just wasn’t enough…it was, bottom line, I discovered – for me – a boundry issue. I took about three years off, dealt with all the pain that was mine that I was carrying, and have jumped back into the arena again.

What had happened to me was that I had just not cleaned up my own act enough to be helping others on such a grand scale. Their pain was my pain! I couldn’t let myself feel my own pain so I felt it through them (much gratitude to them all!). Then, I would assist them in releasing theirs…but I was no better off! In fact, ultimately, I was worse off for a while. Then I wised up. And in the process learned quite a bit more about how better to help others to learn to help themselves!

This, zaadz, is the first community I’ve ever felt a part of…and it’s kind of remote…and that suits me. Each of my kids has done really well for themselves at becoming a part of their own (very different!) communities. They know who I am. They know who they are.

Kudos to you for treating your children like the sentient beings that they are!

Primate Earon said


Sorry if anyone feels this to be intrusive, but my heart told me to offer the following:

I have talked with many wonderfully intuitive and empathic people who tell me they are not healers.  And then I look at their lives, smile, and respectfully disagree.  I look at their hearts and know that they are well on the path of the healer, which has many different manifestations.  Just as we can look at another person and empathize with their pain, we can also see their joy and their healing and empathize with that, even when it is not yet apparent to others – or to themselves.

You will know when it is time to release some of the childhood pain.  You will hear your own voice say something like “I’m ready” or “When is it going to be my turn?”  You will see your child self right at your side, or in front of you, dazed and confused but full of life and wonder.  And you will say exactly the right words you needed to hear back then.  It’s okay.  You will have your turn.  You will open your heart and find joy.  And your light will be noticed and you will find healing.

This is a process, and it is hard work. There will be tears, and anger.  But you are the only expert in the world on the topic of yourself.  So you have all the tools you need, including the ability to find someone in your area to guide your healing.


1 day later

friendstacy said


“You will know when it is time to release some of the childhood pain. ”

yes, indeed.  This just happened to me last week!!  The day I was given the crow feather.  Though I didn’t find joy, it was an overwhelming sense of Peace that overcame me.  The joy came last month when I opened myself to the dreams I’ve always had.  I really need to write that blog post now…  look for it early tomorrow morning on my pink blog

Explorer of worlds pookietooth said


Wow, what an amazing conversation. I guess the question was a good conversation starter, after all, even if it wasn’t so straightforward. I had some negative experiences in school, but I didn’t fight back. I was taught that fighting was wrong, so I couldn’t. I just hid a lot. Laid low.
You remember pretty clearly.

anarchist friendstacy said


“I was taught that fighting was wrong, so I couldn’t.”

you could have fought back, but instead you chose to be respectful of what your Mother taught you, and that’s very honorable.  When we were teenagers, you didn’t have to let Tammy beat you up, you were bigger and stronger than she was, but you refused to fight back.  Did you ever know how much that impressed me?  I could never have just stood there like that.  That took a certain special kind of strength, something I never had.  I would have taken one look at the situation, and either fought her tooth and nail, or else run away as fast as I could.  You found a different solution, one that I would have been unable to see.

Spiritual Anarchist semilla besada said


These last two entries have washed up a strong memory on the shores of my consciousness.

I’m a fighter…if I’m conscious. I suspect – strongly! – that’s because as an infant, as a baby, as a toddler, as a child, as a teen-ager, I was forced (by circumstances of physical abuse) to be un-conscious so often. So when I’m awake…world, look out! I once tossed a man easily twice my size right over my head. I’m good when I’m pissed.

So imagine how I felt when my son, just out of his fresman year in college, strong as an ox, allowed himself to beaten to within an inch of his life because…it’s not “right” to fight.

Where did that come from, I wondered? Where are your instincts for self preservation? Then he asked me the question, “Did I deserve this?” What else could I say but, “No.” But in my heart there was this resounding “YES. If you don’t beleive in yourself enough to fight to keep you alive, yes! What have you done to yourself?” I was stunned. I was in shock.

There is a time and a place to fight back, That’s all I’m saying. And if you can keep your wits about you to be able to discern that fine line, you’re in good shape. Most verbal, ideological fights can’t be won, so they’re not even worth getting into. If someone insults you, though, if you understand that they are really only seeing some reflection of themselves, maybe you can let it pass. If someone takes advantage of you, but you’ll never see them again, what the heck. But if someone who is in your life every day takes advantage of you, there’s the possible beginings of a trend there…you’ve got to take a stand…and so on and so forth.

I don’t believe in war. I don’t believe in killing people for ideas. I do believe in protecting yourself because if you value and respect yourself as a human being, you are needed.

anarchist friendstacy said


each situation is unique, and nobody ever knows all of the story.  In the above incident, had it been me instead of Jennifer, I would have fought back.  But the girl who started the fight was pregnant.  Jennifer could have easily chosen to put an end to the fight with one swift kick to the gut, but she didn’t.  Can’t say that I wouldn’t have done something so terribly heinous… and then justified it by calling it “self defense.”  Jennifer came out of it all with just a busted lip (she wore braces).  She upheld her conviction that it is wrong to hurt people, and more power to her for doing so!

You are right, though, Victoria.  There is a proper time to fight back, when your own self-respect is on the line, especially. 

We all have much to learn from each other.

Explorer of worlds pookietooth said


Wow, I had forgotten about that. I kind of shut down when it was happening. I just felt like she wanted me to hit her, and I couldn’t do that. She was pregnant, and I saw that she was already hurting inside.

What is the role of media?

Posted on Nov 14th, 2007 by anarchist friendstacy

This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for November 14, 2007:

the media is one weapon in Tavistock’s arsenal, used to control public opinion, and thus the lives of an unsuspecting, afraid populace.  It’s all about creating fear so the people choose to be controlled and manipulated by those in power.  It’s about presenting just enough truth so the people will not question the lie.  I’m sure somewhere somebody has figured out a mathematical formula to determine just how much truth the people should be given in order to prevent them seeking more truth and discovering the lies.  I also think the reason so much information is available now is because the lies have gotten so terribly large.

here are a few quotes from Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, that illustrate this point:

“Think of the press as a great keyboard on which the government can play.”

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the
political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly – it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over”

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21 minutes later

friendstacy said


I like watching tv.  unlike many moms who steer their children away from the media, I don’t mind my children watching it.  We take the opportunity to talk about the messages we are being offered, and choose whether to receive them or not.  We talk about advertising, and it’s intent.  We talk about the things we see being espoused, and I allow my children to decide for themselves what to believe.  But most importantly, we talk about it, we think about it, we know it is our decision to make whether or not to believe what we see.  We don’t just blindly accept it all as gospel.  We recognize the entertainment value, but we don’t fool ourselves into thinking it’s purely educational or informational.

Alan Watt – Reality Check

Posted on Nov 15th, 2007 by anarchist friendstacy



“approximately 1 1/2 Hrs. of De-Programming. May not be for those in the Land of Nod or the Holding Pen”

Margaret Thatcher, back in the early ’80s, came under fire, in a sense (if that’s possible) for subsidizing private schooling for the wealthy, using tax money to subsidize the wealthy.  She rationalized it by telling the truth, as they very often do.  She said, “This is where your future leaders are coming from. Your future industrial leaders, political leaders, economists and so on, they come from these schools and this is where they meet each other. They’ll grow up in life knowing each other and they’ll all be in the right positions.  She was telling the truth, so there’s nothing strange about that. They do tell the truth very often.

It’s the public, when they hear it, they say, “I know I heard that, but they can’t really mean what they say.”  The public were trained this way, you see. You train the abused to love the abuser. The public can’t quite fathom this and so they make excuses for them: “I guess she had a bad day to say what she said,” or, “The problems that she’s got on her plate, I don’t blame her.” You see this is the rationale.”

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